Watcher's Gravedigger
Bloodborne™ 20150508214116
Affiliation Pthumerians
Locations Hintertomb,
Lower Hintertomb,
Cursed Pthumerian Defilement,
Isz Gravestone,
Pthumeru Ihyll
Drops Blood Vials,
Quicksilver Bullets,
Tomb Mold
??? ???
Blood Echoes
??? ???
Physical DEF icon ??? Bolt icon ???
VS Blunt icon ??? Fire icon ???
VS Thrust icon ??? Slow Poison RES icon ???
Blood DEF icon ??? Rapid Poison RES icon ???
Arcane (DEF) icon ???

The Watcher's Gravedigger is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Watcher's Gravediggers are tall, humanoid creatures that resemble decaying corpses. Remnants of the lost Pthumerian civilization, they continue to expand the ancient tombs and guard them from intruders.

There are three variants:

  • Hook - They come at the player slowly but can start running for a stronger attack. They also had a "grab attack" with the hook that deals a lot of damage.
  • Hook and Rifle - They serve as ranged enemies, but upon approaching them they swap to their hooks and have the full range of hook attacks. Standing far from them will cause them to default to their rifle.
  • Pickaxe - They use tremendously large pickaxes, almost half their size, which deal devastating damage, sometimes outright killing players in two hits.



Watcher's Gravediggers often patrol fixed locations and are vulnerable to attacks from behind. The Pickaxe variant can be often found mining and will generally ignore the player unless disturbed whilst the Hook version will patrol a fixed route. The variants armed with rifles are often positioned above the player or at the back of a room, making them challenging to reach. The Pickaxe Gravedigger's attacks are very slow and relatively easy to interrupt provided they are not about to strike.

The Hook variant is slightly faster and is capable of ensnaring the player with its weapon, leaving them vulnerable. The Gravediggers armed with rifles are possibly the most dangerous as they can spot the player from a long distance and will chip away at their health whilst they try to get close. In later dungeons, they will often be accompanied by Labyrinth Madmen, Rabid Dogs and even Scourge Beasts, making them potent threats.

If forced into close range combat, the Gravedigger will revert to the hook wielding version although it will switch back to a rifle if the player retreats out of melee range. These weapon swaps take up a precious second to the Gravedigger, meaning players can strike without fear or retaliation during that safety window.



  • The pickaxe-wielding Gravediggers can be found at bottoms of pits, and on corners picking away at the rocks, which, according to the Hintertomb Chalice's description: "To this day, the Watchers continue to expand the hintertombs, unceremonious catacombs filled with graves and death."
  • Killing a Gravedigger that holds a lantern and then reloading the area will cause them to hold an invisible version of their lanterns, with the flame still emanating from it.


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