Yahar'gul Hunters are Hostile Hunters in Bloodborne.


Yahar'gul Hunters are noticeable from their tradermark attires, the Yahar'gul Black Set, that sport an iconic iron helm. They can be found mostly in the way to Yahar'gul, stopping at nothing to pursue and kill any outsider who can sabotage the Mensis Ritual.


Grand Cathedral

Just off into the right of the entrance to the Grand Cathedral, there is a hidden path that leads into a plaza, the Hunters are guarding it:

Yahar'gul Chapel

After the players trigger the Blood Moon, they will eventually arrive at Yahar'gul, and find themselves ambushed by 3 Yahar'gul Hunters.

Underground Corpse Pile (DLC)

After traversing through the Research Hall, players will come across a key that unlocks most of the doors in the Underground Dungeon. Upon opening one of them, players will be ambushed by a Yahar'gul Hunter who was hiding behind the door.



  • It is likely that at least the all Yahar'gul Hunters, with exception of the one in the dlc, are actively working to protect the ritual of Mensis, hence why they fight against the player who approaches the Unseen Village.


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