Yamamura Set
Yamamura Set
Attire Type
Physical DEF icon 210 Bolt icon 190
VS Blunt icon 170
VS Thrust icon 200 Slow Poison RES icon 82
Blood DEF icon 240 Rapid Poison RES icon 81
Arcane (DEF) icon 230 Frenzy RES icon 75
Fire icon 370 Beasthood icon 57
Dropped by Yamamura

The Yamamura Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


  • Dropped by Yamamura, after killing him.

Set Pieces


  • Moderately low Physical, Arcane and Bolt Defenses
  • Moderate Blood Defense
  • Extremely High Fire Defense
  • Decent Slow/Rapid Poison Defense
  • Moderately low Frenzy Resistance
  • Low Beasthood


  • Both the leg and arm pieces of this attire boast the highest Fire Defense of the game, so it can be a good idea to complement it with the Charred Hunter Set.


  • Yamamura's Set seems to be a mix between traditional Japanese clothing and hunter attire:
    • a "Haori" is a type of Japanese kimono that only goes to the hips, resembling more a jacket and does not close, instead, it is worn open;
    • a "Hakama" is a type of Japanese trousers that was worn mostly as formal attire for social gatherings or combat training. The ones depicted in game resemble the type "Karusan-bakama", which created a "ballooning effect" inspired by the European clothing brought by the Portuguese. More commonly and popularly known as "Tattsuke-Hakama";
  • The headpiece is like a mix between the Top Hat and the Hunter Hat with a dark brown color to it.
  • The Haori appears to have two "Kunai" throwing knives and a small dagger hidden beneath the waist.

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